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Niagara College stays in top tier for student satisfaction

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While Niagara College couldn’t hold on to its impressive winning streak of eight straight years for top student satisfaction in a province-wide survey of colleges, it remains among Ontario’s best.

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) survey measures the college’s performance in key areas such as student, employer and graduate satisfaction, employment rates and program quality.

“I am proud that Niagara College continues to be in the top tier of Ontario colleges for student satisfaction,” said Dan Patterson, president of Niagara College. “Our goal is to be number 1 every year.

“I know from speaking with Niagara College faculty and staff that we are committed to working hard as we continue to enhance our students’ experience and aim to regain the top spot.”

Niagara had ranked first in student satisfaction for eight of the previous nine years. This year’s rating has dropped from 85.4 per cent last year to 81.7 per cent, putting Niagara in fourth spot in this category. The provincial average is 76.3 per cent.

“The school and the campus as well as the professors have all been better than satisfactory, so it’s surprising to see us lose our first place streak,” says Tom Brown, 24, a student in Niagara’s Game Development program.

Employment and graduation rates continue to remain above the provincial average. Niagara’s graduate employment rate was 85.4 per cent, above the provincial average of 83.4 per cent. Niagara’s graduation rate of 66 per cent was also above the provincial average of 65.4 per cent.

In the survey, 82.3 per cent of students said they are very satisfied with the overall qualities of the learning experiences in their program and 88.1 per cent said their program is providing skills and knowledge that will be useful in future careers. Both of these ratings exceed provincial average.

Alex Hicks, 21, a student in Game Development, says, “I think our school is still very good at being a competitor for programs, so the fact that we come in top six out of 24 is still really good.”

“I love the program [Game Development] and love the professors. Overall it’s been a great experience,” says Brown.

The surveys are administered at all of the 24 Ontario colleges each year by an independent research firm for the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU).

To view the full results of the KPI survey, visit

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