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Giving Ben Affleck benefit of the doubt

When asked if early negative judgments are justified or unfair, Spiteri says, “It’s too early to judge. People once criticized Michael Keaton and, to a lesser extent, Christian Bale. But in the end, I think they performed admirably. Affleck, especially because of his accomplishments to date, should be given the benefit of the doubt.
“I think his versatility will help him.”
Danielle Mitchell, 22, is indifferent to Affleck’s hiring but says she feels the early judgments are unfair.
“I absolutely do not believe any of the hate he is getting is justified in the least. He has proven himself a quality actor in many roles.” The casual comic fan from Welland says, “People should hold judgment until after the movie is out.”
Another casual comic fan, St. Catharines native, Ryan Etherington, says, “I tend to prefer relative unknowns but I’ll give him [Affleck] a chance.” Like Spiteri and Mitchell, Etherington is holding judgment on Affleck.
“It’s hard to say if he’s good for the role until we’ve seen him. He’s not a bad actor by any means and Argo was great. I think it’s silly to judge so early before we’ve seen so much as a script or a trailer.
It reminds me of how people dismissed Daniel Craig as the new [James] Bond back when he was announced before Casino Royale had even come out.”
Many celebrities are backing Affleck for the role, including previous Batman actors Keaton, Adam West and Val Kilmer; well-known comic-book  fans and directors Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith; comic book artists Mark Millar and Paul Dini; Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman; and celebrity personalities Howard Stern and Ellen DeGeneres.
As of 11 p.m., Sept. 11, a Batman-News.com poll asking fans if they’re excited to see Affleck as Batman holds positive results. With 5,540 voters, 73.7 per cent of fans have answered positively, while 26.3 per cent have answered negatively.
Now that Affleck is hired as one of DC Comics’ powerhouse superheroes, fans are also anticipating the future possibility of DC announcing a Wonder Woman film as well as an inevitable Justice League film. The latter would probably join the roles of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in one film, much like the Avengers did with Marvel’s superheroes.“I do believe that a Wonder Woman film will be coming out in the future due to the success the Avengers had with lead-up movies for each of the Marvel characters,” says Mitchell. “I can easily see DC following suit. I believe Morena Baccarin would make a perfect Wonder Woman.”She says she is looking forward to a Justice League film.
“I think it’s going to be a good movie, and have its own qualities, but I don’t think it will be better than the Avengers.
”Spiteri says he can see a Wonder Woman film coming out in the future, but not anytime soon. “Casting Wonder Woman will be very difficult, as the person eventually chosen will have to have the look, athleticism and acting ability, all in equal measure. Megan Fox definitely comes to mind for the role, as does Gina Carano.“The Avengers was very well received, so it will be tough for a Justice League film to top it; however, any film with Superman and Batman in it can surpass anything.”Etherington says he would welcome a Wonder Woman film. As for being interested in a Justice League film, he says, “I sure am. Better than the Avengers? We’ll see!”

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