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Environmental committees plan many projects and events for students

Shown are students participating in the World Water Monitoring Challenge (an international education and outreach program) during the fall semester. They collected water samples from lagoons on college property and tested for indicators including turbidity, pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen. Submitted PhotoBy CATHY McCABE
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The sustainability committee wants you.
It is encouraging students from the Welland and the Niagara-on-the-Lake campuses to get involved in sustainability events and projects this term.
Taryn Wilkinson, the sustainability co-ordinator, says “everybody is welcome” and there is no skill level required.
The groups include the Niagara Environment Corps (NEC), the Green Energy Club, Enactus Niagara College and the Sustainability Ambassadors.
Gina Pannunzio, the sustainability engagement assistant, says although the groups work in different ways, “they are all capable of doing environmental and sustainability related project.”
Wilkinson says, “There’s such a diverse group of opportunities, whether it’s tree planting or helping us to analyze the lighting or solar panels.” If there is a project that is more technical, she or one of the other committee members will work with the students or teach them the skills needed, she adds.
Pannunzio says everything the sustainability committee does is ultimately for the students.
“Even if it’s on the operational side, [for example] reducing our electricity consumption, it’s really all aimed at making the experience of the students better.”
“Whether it’s reducing some of our operating costs so there are more funds for the student related projects or the academic side, we just want to better prepare our students through education, engagement and awareness.”
Wilkinson says “so much” of what students learn is transferable to their careers or their personal lives.
“Sustainability is so broad and has so many impacts that regardless of what you are doing, you can easily transfer a lot of the stuff we do to any type of job.”
The Sustainability Committee, the NEC and Enactus Niagara College are listed on the co-curricular record, which can be found on Blackboard. Wilkinson says, “I would definitely encourage students to use [the record].”
The co-curricular tracks students’ volunteer activities. After graduation, students are given an official document that lists their extra-curricular activities. Students can use this document when they are applying for a job.
For more information on the events or to join the mailing list, email the sustainability committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or view the events calendar at

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