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Rap artist gives to community

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From a young age Kristopher Allen Clover, a.k.a. KaC HimseIF, has always been considered different.
Today it’s for his hip hop and lyrical ability to put words together so well to his own style of music. Growing up he never thought he would be a musician. He was right because there is a whole lot more to KaC HimseIf than meets the eye.
Born in Edmonton, it wasn’t until he was six years old that his parents moved to Niagara Falls.
In the 1990s, music was a large part of his life but it wasn’t until 2007 when Colver became aware of what a large part it was going to play in his future.
“My good friend Fancy was always making his own music for some time, and I was always helping him, when he suggested I should try it because I could talk real fast,” says Colver.
Being a rap artist, most people instantly connected him with partying, sex, drugs and alcohol, but right from the start Colver flipped the script on that.
“The first show I ever did was the Green Party [political] fundraiser. A couple of friends I knew asked if I could and I said yes.” It was from that point on he never said no to any shows.
Over the last seven years KaC HimseIf has done over 500 shows, and you would think he’d be making a significant amount of money. But, that’s what makes him different.
Colver has earned very little, if anything, from those 500 shows. He still works a 9-5 day job as manager of a greenery, and he “absolutely loves” it.
This graduate of Niagara College’s Horticulture program out of Niagara-on-the-Lake says it’s where his true love lies. But, where is all the money from the shows?
That’s one of the other things that make Colver stand out not just in the music industry but in his community too. His massive amount of charitable work earned him a nomination in 2012 to the Wall of Fame in Niagara Falls. “It’s something that I thought would never happen, to be on the wall. So many crazy, crazy talented people. It’s a huge honour,” says Colver.
He recoups only his travel expenses at each show he  performs with all other proceeds going to the charity of his choice for that month.
“Any money I make, I just give back. I normally try to pick organizations that do not have a lot of funding.” Among those benefiting from Colver’s  shows are the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara, Project Share and Women’s Place and that’s just to list a few in the Niagara region.
 You would think that donating the proceeds from their performances would be enough but not for KaC HimseIF. This is just the start of his charity.
It was a couple years ago when tragedy struck after receiving the news that his mother passed away that Colver decided to go for a walk just to clear his head.
“If you’ve ever walked anywhere in the tourist parts of Niagara Falls there’s no shortage of garbage on the ground. My mom always preached to us to pick up garbage even if it’s not yours,” says Colver. It was at this time a new organization was born working with long-time friend Mike Henley. They decided to create the eco-ninjas, a group open to anybody, who wants to help clean up the area they live in.
“We go out about once a month in the summer in the Niagara region with garbage bags and just clean it up,” says Colver. The eco-ninjas have even adopted their own roads.
With all of this on the go in his life you’d think there’d be no more time for anything else but the number 1 charity drive that Colver loves to do is the closest to his heart. It’s the one he does with his brother each year, “Dolls for Darlene.”
“Something we wanted to start in honour of my mom, Every year she would go and buy a couple dolls or action figures and donate them for kids,” says Colver. With friends’ and family’s help Colver, like most things in his life, has taken it to the next level by having anyone in the community drop off donations of dolls so that they can be given to children for Christmas.
So how does this community activist find the time write new music?
“I can just sit down and write. When I do write it’s for a whole day and I cut myself off from the world, mostly in the winter, cause I love the summertime.” He tries to make his songs “clean and fun loving” so everyone can enjoy them. The Internet is making it easier to share his music with others
“We live stream. Some are shows like the [Hospital for] Sick Kids show is pretty neat. Some of them can’t get out of the hospital but they still get to watch the show.”
He’s just getting started. KaC HimseIf is taking a step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. He has no plans to slow down.
One day he might change the rap game, but for now he’s changing the lives of everyone along the way.

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