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Twist to influential media with teens today

Seven in 10 female
teenagers believe they are not good enough. This, according to, includes not being pretty enough, not being smart enough and not having a good enough relationship with friends and family.
“A girl’s self-esteem is more strongly related to how she views her own body shape and body weight, than how much she actually weighs,” states
How teenagers view themselves is strongly influenced by their social surroundings, peer pressure and media.
Self image issues can lead to eating disorders, drug and alcohol use,
cutting, bullying and sexual addictions, according to
Recently music lyrics have taken a different direction. Instead of singing love songs about relationships (good or bad) or broken hearts, the newest trend seems to be to sing love songs about yourself.
Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Meghan Trainor and Mary Lambert individually published songs during the last month with the same message: who cares...


Nintendo should stop playing games

|Slavery is not a game, Nintendo.
I grew up playing Nintendo with my family; it’s sentimental to me. The Super Mario Brothers, the Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid and Pokémon are a big part of my childhood.
Imagine my surprise when I find out one of my favourite game developers has a notorious reputation for using modern slavery.
I often think of the technology industry as the pinnacle of modernity, but there’s a dark side to our everyday electronics. Many electronics are produced using slave labour.
Nintendo has been reputed to finance slave labour and using conflict minerals from the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
The DRC is rich in minerals, but these conflict minerals are mined in brutal conditions of forced labour, debt bondage and child slavery in the Congo. These slaved-mined minerals are found in many everyday electronics. The issue of modern slavery fuels one of the world’s deadliest...


ATM fees create problems for students

Behram Qureshi, an Electrical Engineering Technology student, dreads having to pay $1.50 just to use the Niagara College ATM.  Photo by Becki CreweWhy do I have to pay to access my money?
Isn’t the point of a bank account to prevent people from unfairly taking your money? I trust my money with my bank and I know there are monthly bank fees associated with having it, but why should I have to pay ATM fees to get my own money?
Many banks and interbank networks (a computer network that enables ATM cards) have Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) that charge a fee per usage. This allows you to withdraw money from your bank account without having to physically go to your bank. These fees apply to bank members and non-bank members.
While ATMs are convenient, many people oppose the associated user fees because it costs less for banks to use ATMs than process withdrawals through human tellers. Banks are saving money on human labour by ATM usage. Many students are stretching budgets to the limit with...


Did Goodell make the right decision?

Ray Rice punches his wife, Janay Rice, in an elevator in February in Atlantic City. SUBMITTED PHOTODomestic violence has been a hot topic in the National Football League (NFL) of late, all because of ex-Baltimore Raven Ray Rice.
On Sept. 8 a video surfaced on the Internet showing Rice knocking out his now wife, Janay Rice in an elevator at the Atlantic City Casino in New Jersey.  The NFL has now handed Rice an indefinite suspension, which could be a minimum of one year or more.
Flashback to earlier this year, when the NFL handed Rice a two-game suspension when a video of him moving an unconscious Janay out of the elevator was leaked. The media has exploded at the new evidence, and has put Commissioner Roger Goodell on the hot seat. Goodell claims no one at NFL head office has ever watched the video.
“We assumed there was a video, we asked for video, we asked for anything that was pertinent, but we were...


How to start your college life

When starting college, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. You must decide on where to live, what classes you’re going to take and how to budget properly.
Here are a few tips on how to be frugal while attending school:               

Walk or ride to school
There are plenty of options for student housing close to school.
If you are unable to get one of these houses, try riding your bike [weather permitting] or using the U-Pass you’re provided with [paid through your tuition], to catch a bus.
The U-Pass is a sticker placed on your student card, allowing you to travel within the Niagara Region at no extra cost.                        

Look for free or cheap entertainment.
Niagara College provides students with many free or inexpensive things to do.
They hold dodge ball games in the gym for those who would like to attend, different themed...


Locked out: a horror story

For one week I owned an inaccessible empty block in the walls of Niagara College’s Merritt building. For the low, low price of $30, I was graciously allowed the privilege of calling M2021b my own.
The possible contents of the assigned metal partition remained an enigma. A mystery. Curiosity occupied my every thought in a manner rivaled only by Pandora.
I stood tantalizingly close to my sealed obsession, yet was kept at bay by the stubborn, stalwart gatekeeper. There was no locker, only Zuul, and I was not the key master.
I wielded a combination, sent down from on high with the receipt of payment, and viciously attacked the intractable foe. It was not sheer willpower that held me from satiating my curiosity, but instead the physical limitations of the mechanism.
 I was locked out.
There would come a day when I was able to use this container. A day...


Seven ways to succeed in college

Making the decision to attend college, whether you are fresh out of high school, returning after five years or looking to learn something new, can be a stimulating pathway to your future. Like everything else in life, there are certain guidelines to follow in order to be successful. With all of the mental, physical, and financial stress that comes along with college, here is a list of steps to make things run a bit more smoothly.
Choose the right
It’s no surprise that the first step would be to make sure you’re going in the right direction.  Picking a program can be a difficult process, because you want to make sure you pick the best program that will fit your ultimate career path. Many people spend countless dollars and precious time trying to figure out what they should do. It’s much more beneficial to consider...