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Food, Simple

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Rosemarie Meier, owner of Zeta Farms, holds one of her organic baby lambs. PHOTO BY ANDREA CROSBYFrom fruits and veggies, to grains and meat, there are plenty of food choices to suit everyone’s needs. And for almost every kind of food, there is likely an organic alternative.
Organic supports a true and natural environment where the ingredients “were not produced, in any way, involving chemicals or pesticides,” said Bonnie Servos, employee at Healthwise health food store in Welland.
“Less is more. You’re not getting a lot of fillers, you’re not getting artificial dyes, or artificial sugars. People are starting to realize now, the more we consume these things the last few decades that it’s building up in our bodies and in the environment.”
The green and white “Certified Organic” label is becoming more prominent in today’s society, but Servos says the label is a movement that goes back to what was used decades ago; “cleaner ingredients” and back to the “simple basics.” 
“Organic food is the way...


Pedal your way to fitness

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Owner Sheri Cirillo and Operations Manager Tanya Westerhof show off the RealRyder stationary cycles ar Your FIT NRG. PHOTO BY David Chernish Looking for a personal trainer or gym for your New Year’s resolution? Are you a biker, and looking for a place to stay fit during the winter?
Then Your FIT NRG is the right place for you.
Sheri Cirillo is the owner and certified personal trainer of Your FIT NRG, the only place in Niagara with the RealRyder bikes, which differ from ordinary stationary bikes.
RealRyder Indoor Cycles stand ready on articulating frames to turn, tilt and lean, closely simulating the fluid sensation and total body challenges of actual road cycling.
“I was introduced to RealRyder at my camp fit pro conference, which I attend every year to upgrade my skills and continue my education,” Cirillo said.
“I was already certified in teaching spinning as a brand, and RealRyder is also a brand.”
The movement of the RealRyder is healthier for your bones and joints than stationary cycling, because while riding the RealRyder,...


Helping prevent disease naturally

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Dr. Kenneth Groves, a naturopathic doctor at Inspire Health in Niagara Falls, explains the importance of immune health. PHOTO BY KAITLYN ANDREWSNaturopathic medicine practices individual assessment for Ebola prevention.
In the Ebola outbreak, and its scary possibility of affecting the rest of the world, the best method is prevention.
“We need to go beyond the development and testing of Ebola vaccinations and truly help address the root underlying cause of viral spread, which is attributed to malnutrition and poor health hygiene,” said Dr. Kenneth Groves, naturopathic doctor at Inspire Health, Niagara Falls.
Dr. Groves believes the issue lies within malnutrition.
“My approach would be fixing and correcting nutrient deficiencies,” said Dr. Groves.
There are multiple nutrients that should be looked at, such as vitamin D and C, magnesium, selenium, zinc and then, once the body’s nutrient state is determined, look at the interconnections.
“Each nutrient has a channel connecting to other nutrients, opening different,” said Dr. Groves. “These channels all affect each other.”
For example, if you have depleted magnesium, you can also have depleted glutathione,...


Happy mouth, happy health

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Rebecca Kellar, a Dental Hygiene student here, holds a refillable container of water, the best thing to keep teeth healthy. PHOTO BY KEVIN FARRELLPeople generally eat what they like, while others stick to a healthier diet and exercise to maintain their body’s health. For dental hygienists there is a different kind of health to worry about, the health of our teeth.
After going through a program that teaches them all about that, they’ve learned a thing or two about the impact what we eat and drink has on our teeth. Has this knowledge changed their eating habits?
“I’d say my habits have changed, not always necessarily in what I eat but when and how much,” said Shannon Douglas, a registered dental hygienist (RDH) in Hamilton.
“I wouldn’t say that my eating and drinking habits have changed in regards to the foods I eat. Although being in the Dental Hygiene program has taught me certain precautions that should be made when eating specific foods that can be harmful to the oral environment,” said Valerie...


Winter worries for Niagara College students

We asked several students how they felt about winter and received varied opinions.


Honey, it’s a scientific bees-ness

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Maria Smalja, owner of Niagara Honey, proudly displays her product at the downtown market in St. Catharines. PHOTO BY ANDREA CROSBYShort and sweet; honey is Earth’s purest form of natural food. 
Honey can come in three forms: liquid, creamed, and still in the combs as a tasty snack. It is available pasteurized, and unpasteurized, or raw. 
Maria Smajla, owner of Niagara Honey in Welland, with her husband Ivan, said raw is the way to go. 
“Pasteurized is boiled honey; you have to boil the honey over 170 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate all the bacteria and impurities.
Unpasteurized honey is the purest form of honey. You’re just squeezing the honey right from the combs into a light filter, which is just a mesh, to clean it up, and it goes to the jars for jarring. So it’s not boiled, and has nothing done to it. 
“Honey has natural bacteria in it, which is healthy for the body, and unpasteurized preserves that.”
As popularity and demand for honey increases, so do the different flavours...


Losing weight after holidays

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Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve made the commitment to a New Year’s resolution – and then broken it. This year you can stop that cycle and commit to a realistic plan that works.
If it’s to get in shape and become healthier you will have a better year if you stick to a plan.
By being realistic and planning ahead you will be one step closer to pushing that chocolate bar one step further away.
Fonzina Grottola, a dedicated mother of three, made a resolution to become healthier on Jan. 1 last year. By Jan. 1 of this year she has lost 64 pounds.
“I was never motivated to do any of this because I just never believed I actually could. I found myself with health problems and was constantly buying bigger clothing to fit my body.”
How many times have you declared you will wake up on...