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Niagara band Barbudos releases their first album

Barbudos play at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Sept. 3. SUBMITTED PHOTOBy AMBER-LYNE BRICKER
Staff Writer
They describe themselves as ‘Bearded Revolutionaries’.
Barbudos, a band from Niagara, boasts an unpolished, undeniably catchy, infiltrated with jagged, rusty, unfailing hooks kind of sound. The band is five talented members: Eli Maiuri and Dale Romanuk on guitar, Nathan Warriner on bass, Tam Maiuri on percussion and TJ Rogers on drums. Romanuk, Warriner, Tam Maiuri and Eli Maiuri are also on vocals helping to round out their eclectic collection of tunes.
Warriner discovered the band name while reading a book about Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution.
“Fidel played on a baseball team called Barbudos which translates to ‘the bearded ones’. Since the band, particularly Eli, all sported beards it felt like an appropriate name,” Warriner said.
In the spring of 2012 the band began laying down the tracks for their first self-titled album which dropped on Nov. 2.
“It was a great experience and the first time for most of the band,” Warriner said about recording and releasing the album.
“The experience definitely tightened us up as a band and solidified all our songs and parts.”
The album holds 10 songs, ranging in style from heavy-handed sinister rock to outlaw country.
“I wanted to channel the back-ups heard in Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street,” Tam Maiuri said.
Other influences include The Stranglers, The Kinks, Del Fuegos and Elvis Costello.
Their different sound snagged them Best New Band from the Niagara Music Awards.
“We didn’t have any expectations – we were happy to be nominated for best new band and for album of the year.” The band members said, “We’re appreciative to have been chosen.”
“The dream would be to getting to the point of quitting our day jobs and playing music full time, actually making money doing it in whatever capacity that would be.”
For now the band is enjoying playing clubs throughout Southern Ontario, trying to be ready for whatever break may come down the road.
Barbudos has three shows lined up, Yanks Old Niagara Bar n Grill in Niagara Falls on Dec. 13, The Horseshoe Tavern in Niagara Falls on Jan. 4 and The Dakota Tavern in Toronto with the Strumbellas on Feb. 19.
“The Strumbellas are a great band and good friends of ours so we are looking forward to sharing the stage with them in February,” the band members said.
“In the spirit of the season we also recently wrote and recorded a Christmas song called Black and Blue Christmas,” Warriner said.
The song is to be released the first week of December and can be found on Barbudos’ website

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