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Everyone has their ‘champagne dreams’

Terell Safadi is a 22 year-old Canadian hip-hop artist based out of VancouverBy KRYSTA PUTMAN
Terell Safadi quickly gained fame within the Canadian hip-hop scene.
A hometown supporter and lover of all things Vancouver, Safadi was waking over the local scene as well. He wrote about everything, from issues that come with being a minority, to being a Vancouver Canucks fan or even the sneakers on his feet.
In the summer of 2010 Safadi released his first video single Tonight, receiving national exposure on television and the web.
In early 2011 Safadi released his remix Black Red Yellow, a song supporting the Vancouver Canucks and their retro jerseys. The video was released on the Canucks’ official website and quickly garnered attention.
The remix has had a hugely popular and positive response with 552,334 views on YouTube to date.
That song threw him into the spotlight and gave him an unexpected level of fame.
“I’m glad to be the underdog,” said Safadi in a freestyle rap session with Hip Hop Vancouver. “Really, I had no idea that this song would get to this level. It was just supposed to be a fun mixed tap song that was for the fans.”
Mid-summer 2011 Safadi released his debut album Champagne Dreams. One Day, a song that was featured on the album, landed in rotation at MuchMusic alongside the high-energy track Ring Around the Rozay featuring Tre Nyce. Six months later Safadi had received a MuchMusic video grant for album track Art of Flight, which landed in medium level rotation.
2012 was a busy year for Safadi starting off with a national tour featuring the rap group Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony.
When asked what major influences propell him to stay in the industry, Safadi had quite a lot to say.
“My musical influences include Drake, being that he is Canadian. I really like Kid Cudi, because he makes very versatile music. I try and mirror that. I also like P. Diddy and 50 Cent as I really look up to them in a business aspect. In my personal life, my mom, and any one who is chasing their dreams.”
During the last few years of Safadi’s career he has had the privilege of working with top artists from around the world as well as many local artists. Caspian, Catrina Centanni, Alex Marsyk, Young Kidd and Trey Nyce are just a few of the names.
“Everyone that’s been supporting what I’ve been doing including my mom, my producer’s Crooks and Kruscher, Jamie “Preme Diesel” Kuse, and B-Beck, and everyone that has been sharing my stuff on Facebook and Twitter. Also my video team, Greg Loukas and Blake McRitchie. MSH Sessions and my street team, The Kick Push Grind Gang,” said Safadi in an interview with
The video that was made for his song Lost Child, opens with text on the screen reading, “This is dedicated to those who feel lost, for those who feel like giving up. … There’s always a chance for greatness.” Although the song has gotten just 5,575 views on YouTube, it is quickly gaining popularity among Vancouver street youth.
“This song gave me so much hope,” said 21-year-old Shannon Plested. “The first time I heard it was when I was sleeping on a bench outside of the provincial courts downtown. There was construction on the street and a few cars were stopped at the lights, and a car pulled up that had this song blaring on the speakers.” Broken homes and drug use were common to Plested, and after struggling for many years; it gave her the hope to try to survive.
“I didn’t have a lot of hope or want to continue living, but something with this song just struck a cord with me and now I make all my bro’s listen to this song,” said Plested.
Many of Safadi’s songs contain messages: his opinion on marijuana, advice for youth trying to make it in life.
“Life’s like a skateboard ‘cause you gonna fall, gonna grind, gonna stall, and gonna stall. I know, yea, I know it’s going to be a long road,” said Safadi in his fame catapulting song Black Red Yellow.
It seems Safadi is quickly rising to the top and we will just have to wait and see what generation inspiring hit he comes out with next.


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