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Eleven Past One exploding after signing to Warner

Left to right, Eleven Past One is Dan Beattie (bass), Steve Patenaude (drums), Daniel Richter (vocals), Stephen Richter (guitar) and Kyle Bykiv (guitar).

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You can hear them on the radio, online and all over Family Channel — Eleven Past One have skyrocketed since signing with Warner Music Canada.
This five-member band of brothers Daniel and Stephen Richter, Steve Patenuade, Kyle Bykiv and Dan Beattie have hopes of making it big one day. Ever since signing with Warner Music Canada on May 16, the guys have taken off, with a summer full of playing countless shows with Toronto natives Down With Webster, along with Canadian band Hedley.
Besides performing in front of 70,000 people on Canada Day in Mississauga Square, “the crowd was so responsive and massive,” says Bykiv, the guys played Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert for 16,000 screaming fans at the end of August.
Since March, Jessica Jones has been a fan, or a “time bombs”, as the fan base calls itself, in relation to their time-related name.
“They all make me smile with the simplest of things. They have helped me become a stronger girl and have taught me to never give up on your dreams and keep fighting for what you want to do and who you want to be.”
The guys always make time to talk to their fans. Whether after a show or on Twitter, they make sure their fans know how much they love and appreciate the support.
“I was pumped! I had already met and talked with the team at Warner and I felt like I was being adopted into another family of great people,” says Bykiv when asked about his first reaction to being signed to Warner Music. This also means a new album is on the way.
Daniel and Patenuade were recently in Vancouver writing and producing some of the new music with Ryan Stewart, Jeff Dawson and Troy Samson.
“It was a successful week of writing some great songs. I’m excited to hear how they come out!” says Daniel.
As for names of the new album, “I’m swinging towards The World Is Ours EP,” says Bykiv.
A new album means playing shows and doing tours.
“I’d love to tour with Maroon 5, and playing a show with Justin Bieber would be pretty nuts.”
The guys just finished a tour with Danny Fernandes.
“I’m excited! I’ve known Danny Fernandes’ drummer, Steve Kimmerer, for a very long time. We grew up playing music in church together back in elementary and high school. So, it’s going to be really cool to do a tour with him after all  these years.”
This month, Eleven Past One will be taking the stage with Sean Kingston, Karl Wolf, Jerzee Tha Icon and Lil Jaxe at Jingle Ball 2013, to be held in Bykiv’s hometown of Oshawa at the General Motors Centre       on Dec. 7.
With all this exposure and playing shows with such big names in music you would think the fame would go to their heads and their lifestyles would change, but they all still have 9-5 jobs.
“No matter how famous or how much money I have, my lifestyle won’t change much. If anything, I’ll just mature into an old man,” jokes Bykiv.
“They are such talented guys and are absolutely wonderful!” says Jones.

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