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Green tea beneficial for your health

Green tea has been known for many beneficial attributes to  a healthy lifestyle.  PHOTO BY KAITLYN ANDREWSBy KAITLYN ANDREWS
Staff Writer
I see trees of green and healthy living too with the help of green tea. When it comes to living well, it can be difficult with a busy schedule and temptation knocking at your door.
For all of the vitamins, immune boosters and coffee ingested daily by people around the world, this special little tree has been overlooked. One cup a day can help to promote that healthy life you’re looking for, along with a healthier mind.
Green tea is packed with anti-oxidants. These are important for protection of the body’s cells and molecules.
“There are some studies that show green tea can prevent certain cancers (breast, prostate and colorectal), in that respect it may be helpful in preserving life,” said Holly Letourneau, a naturopathic doctor at Hart & Sol Integrative Healthcare.
Green tea could also help prevent age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s; reduce blood sugar levels, which is good news for diabetics; and immune dysfunction.
Since green tea can lower blood sugar, it helps to suppress overeating, making you crave less food, which will help maintain a better weight. Green tea can also possibly help burn fat cells more easily.
“The caffeine found in green tea can help speed up your metabolism thus helping the body burn fat easier,” said Sue Thibert, a holistic nutritionist who studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Toronto. Green tea causes carbohydrates to release more slowly, helping the body turn fat into energy.
“Green tea is usually in my weight package.”
This beverage is also a diuretic, which aids in the production of urine, helping the body shed excessive water.
“In particular, in hormonal health concerns it also helps with lowering cholesterol,” said Letourneau.
Green tea can also possibly reduce the risk of bacterial infections, improving dental hygiene and reducing bad breath.
There is a lot green tea can do for the body, but what about the mind?
It contains the same stimulant as coffee. This helps the brain focus on producing dopamine and norepinephrine, the happy compound and a hormone to help you focus, respectively.
Not only does it contain caffeine, it also has L-theanine, which helps cross the blood-to-brain barrier. Combine the caffeine and L-theanine and the body gets a focused, better sense of wakefulness.  This is because green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, preventing the “jitters” and helping to reduce anxiety and stress.
Moderation is important. In some people, drinking more than five cups a day can give the same shaky, anxious feeling coffee gives because of the excessive caffeine ingested.
With all great things come some negatives. There are a few people who do not take well to green tea, those who are allergic and those with immune disorders.
Green tea can help prevent the latter, but those who have one need to be careful.
There are two cells in the body’s immune system that help fight infection, the Th1 and Th2 cells. Picture these on a scale. According to, people with immune disorders usually have an imbalance on this scale.
Green tea directly affects the Th1 cell, so people with a Th1 imbalance shouldn’t drink green tea. However, those with a Th2 imbalance can actually benefit from drinking green tea.
Green tea is an amazing little tree that can improve your body and mind; just be sure to buy a higher quality of tea because lower quality teas usually contain more fluoride.
“Green tea has many benefits towards health. It’s something that can be easily incorporated into any diet,” said Letourneau.
Green tea is magic potion. Do you have hustle and bustle? Then boil and bubble, drop in the leaves of a tree so green, sip away and feel the power drive you into happiness, healthiness and a better, longer life.

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