Sunday, 29 November 2015, 8:32 pm

Polar Vortex creates unusual temperatures

After the ice storm in Newmarket, Ont., during the winter break. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE DEMERSBy BRITTANY ERWIN
Staff Writer
This winter has been unusually cold, colder than most that we get in southern Canada. An arctic blast created a deep freeze across Canada and the United States.
In Buffalo, N.Y. snow blew in off Lake Erie with winds of up to 45 kilometres/hour and at least 11 inches of snow recently.
In the U.S. mid-west there have been many deaths due to extremely cold temperatures. Seven died in Illinois, six in Indiana and five after shoveling snow; others were homeless.
It’s all attributed to a polar vortex meteorologists say. Also known as a polar cyclone, it is located near one or both of earth’s geographical poles. The cyclone is continually creating a pool of air, and as the air circulates it becomes colder and bigger.
According to Dan Riddle, a meteorologist with the U.S. National Weather Service, who told CTV News Channel, historical records show that outbreaks of unusually cold weather have happened in the past and with a frequency of once every 20 years.
Although there have been many stories over the past weeks about the dangers of the extremely cold weather there have also been many good stories.
Anita Michelle Doucet says that she had fun throwing hot water into the air outside and watching it turn to snow. She adds she enjoyed taking her son outside to blow soap bubbles, but she didn’t enjoy falling on her walk to school because of the ice.
Doucet isn’t the only one who is enjoying the weather. Kevin Rzeqinski, says, “I think it is cool. I enjoyed staying in yesterday sitting by my fireplace and drinking hot chocolate.”
While children may be playing outside because of school cancellations, it doesn’t mean that they should, especially in this type of weather.
Make sure to dress warmly, especially by adding layers, which prevent exposure and retain body heat. Make sure to eat warm foods or drink warm drinks, as they will help keep your body warm. Also be sure to never drink alcoholic drinks to keep you warm as the alcohol actually lowers body temperature and can lead to hypothermia or death.

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