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Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne visit Niagara Falls to support Joyce Morocco

Liberal candidate Joyce Morocco, Premier Kathleen Wynne and Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau taking questions from the media during their visit to St. Michael's Catholic High School. PHOTO BY NICK FEARNSBy NICK FEARNS
Staff Writer
The Ontario Liberal Party is determined to keep Niagara Falls red, and it is bringing out the big guns to do so.
On Friday Premier Kathleen Wynne and federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau toured Niagara Falls in support of Liberal candidate Joyce Morocco, the party’s candidate in the Niagara byelection slated for Feb. 13.
Wynne and Morocco met with business leaders in Fort Erie before heading to St. Michael’s Catholic High School in Niagara Falls were they met with Trudeau.
After speaking to a school assembly, the three took questions from the media. Wynne spoke about her commitment to investing in education and infrastructure that will attract jobs and retain youth in the region.
Premier Kathleen Wynne speaking to students during an assembly at St. Michael's Catholic High School. PHOTO BY NICK FEARNS“Joyce has dedicated her life to this community and she’s going to build a better future for Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Fort Erie,” Wynne said, adding, “She is going to put our action plan, our Liberal plan, in place to create jobs and grow the economy.”
The Premier touted the Liberal Party’s education policies, including the 30 per cent tuition reduction.
“There have already been 8,200 tuition grants at Niagara College alone,” she said.
Wynne took shots at Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak’s jobs bill saying his “1 Million Jobs” plan will cause the “elimination of jobs, driving down of wages and weakening of pensions.”
Trudeau made his support for Morocco clear. She met Trudeau in 2008 when she ran for the Niagara Falls riding in the federal election.
“I’m here to support Premier Wynne and the extraordinary candidate Joyce Morocco, who is going to be an excellent addition to Kathleen’s team at Queen’s Park,” Trudeau said.
Bart Maves is the PC candidate.
Wayne Gates is the New Democratic Party candidate, having been named at the nomination meeting at the Niagara Falls Public Library on Saturday.

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