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Niagara College welcomes new faces on councils

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As far as Niagara College’s President Dan Patterson is concerned it’s still a partnership, albeit with some new faces at the table, both locally and regionally, following the Oct. 27 municipal election.
“Terrific people put their names forward,” he said, adding over the next four years the combination of “new faces and seasoned politicians” will “help improve the quality of life in the Niagara region.” He said he is looking forward to meeting and working with the new mayors.
In Welland, the mayoral race winner is Frank Campion, unseating former Niagara College employee and incumbent mayor Barry Sharpe. In Niagara-on-the-Lake, Patrick Darte unseated incumbent mayor David Eke. The college’s two major campuses are in those municipalities.
For Patterson, the big focus is transportation as the goal is to “focus on creating a large, seamless transit authority.” With the help of the Student Administrative Council and the other regional...


Niagara College votes


Niagara College students share how they plan to vote.



Young chefs ready to take on the world

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For the first time, Niagara College students will represent Canada internationally.
The Junior Culinary Team Canada will represent Canada at the 2016 World Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany. The college team gained its title over culinary teams from Humber and Holland Colleges and will compete against more than 30 countries at the Olypics.
In November, the team will be in the National Culinary Cup in Luxembourg preparing for the Olympics.
Team member Iain Dawson sees the event as a meet and greet for the teams now that they have been formed and selected. He said it is a perfect chance for the team to gauge itself against some of the world’s junior chefs.
“First impressions are the most important,” said Dawson. “Everyone’s taking it quite seriously.”
It is difficult to know where Canada will stand at this time. While some teams have only had three or four months to train, Team Canada...


Niagara College students: Don't forget to vote Oct. 27

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The municipal elections are less than a week away, Oct. 27, and Niagara College students confess to being uninformed about the issues.
“At this point in time, I’m thinking that only a couple of them really fully understand that there’s elections going on,” said Charles Burley, the Student Administrative Council (SAC) director of social programming.
“We really need to get the message across, for sure, that they need to know what’s going on.”
Some students are not sure whether or not they will vote. William Neprily, in the Computer Engineering Technician program, said, “I would like to say yes, but honestly I don’t even know when the day is. So when it comes around I’m probably going to forget.”
Christopher Butterworth, in the Computer Engineering Technician said that he is not planning to vote.
“I don’t think there’s enough awareness about it. I mean, I haven’t heard many details about...


Support workers vote majority in deal favour

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Support staff workers across Ontario’s 24 colleges have a new collective agreement. 
Workers voted on Sept. 18 and 87 per cent ratified the new four-year deal. 
Bob Holder, Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Local 243 president said, “We have a four-year agreement and we will continue working hard.”
Niagara College has 245 support staff workers and, according to Holder, about 180 workers voted. 
Holder said workers are “generally happy” with the outcome. “I think everybody is satisfied and glad to have negotiations and everything behind them so they can move forward.”
Provincially the sentiment is similar. 
OPSEU President Warren Thomas said in a press release, “Clearly our members liked what they saw in the tentative agreement and today they threw their wholehearted support behind it.” 
He added, “We look forward to four years of steady relations with management.”
The initial tentative agreement was reached on Aug. 15 just before the previous collective agreement expired....


Annual Info Fair

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In the mid-morning hours Wednesday, buses loaded with eager high school students lined the drop-off area at Niagara College’s Welland campus for the annual Info Fair.
The previously empty hallways were filled with potential college alumni, visiting the various classrooms and exhibits that piqued their interest.
Dakotah Emmanuel, a student at Stamford Collegiate, of Niagara Falls, said, “It felt like coming home. I love the environment. I love the atmosphere here; it sets a really great tone for anybody who’s interested in a career. So, I love this place so far.”
Emmanuel came to the Info Fair with an open mind and no clear choice of which program she wanted to apply for.
“I kind of just came to see what it’s like here, because I’m still figuring out where I want to go and what I want to do with my life.”
Jessica Garrett, a first-year Niagara College student,...


Feeling out of place(ment)

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How does placement affect the stress of normal classes?
Alix Sobscak, a 19-year-old Digital Photography student, said he likes to keep a schedule, making sure he has enough time for sleep and relaxation.
“If I don’t get enough sleep I won’t be motivated to do anything. I always plan the amount of time I have free, to figure out what I need done, and approximately how long it’ll take to get it done. But with all that, I have to, HAVE TO, make sure I leave free time to relax, maybe do some of my hobbies or just sit and watch movies or my shows.”
Sobschak doesn’t have placement this year, but he is excited to get hands-on experience photographing models in the fashion industry.
Rachel Wiens, an Early Childhood Education student, isn’t as excited about her placement, as she said placement in the morning doesn’t allow much time for...