Tuesday, 24 November 2015, 8:10 pm

Top prize in photography for provincial newspaper competition

Rick De Vries' award-winning photo captured at the Red Bull Crashed Ice event. PHOTO BY RICK DE VRIESBy Jamie Burton
Staff Writer
Niagara News has won first place in a provincial newspaper competition.
Niagara College journalism graduate, Rick De Vries, picked up first prize in student photography at the Ontario Community Newspaper Association’s 2013 Better Newspapers Competition Awards for his photo of a falling skater in the Red Bull Crashed Ice Event in Niagara Falls.
“The timing of the shot, more than anything else, really paid off,” said De Vries.
“I was getting irritated that nothing was working out, but then came Eddie Spiesz and my ‘Superman’.”
The photo can be seen at niagara-news.com.
Since leaving the program, De Vries started Caprice Magazine, a publication that features work by both professional and amateur photographers who have an “eye for the artistic”.
Niagara News also won third place for general excellence in the same competition.

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