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In loving memory of our friends and fellow students

Alubnit Hiseni enjoying the sun in his home country, Kosovo. SUBMITTED PHOTO By MASAUNI MASAUNI
Staff Writer
Flamur Miftari and Albunit Hiseni moved to Canada from Kosovo with their families in search of a better life. Their dreams were to become police officers and in just a few months, they would have graduated from the Police Foundation program at Niagara College. Those dreams ended tragically March 13 for the 21 year olds.
Hiseni and his passenger Miftari, of Stoney Creek, lost their lives in a head-on collision with a pickup truck on their way home from the college. They were part of a three-vehicle collision during a snowstorm.
Hiseni was pronounced dead at the scene, while Miftari was taken to the hospital, where he died. “The two men were considered the closest of friends as they planned on taking each step in life together,” said Anas Hasan, who went to the same high school and attended Niagara College with them.
“You could never split them apart. They weren’t just best friends, they were brothers and I lost both of mine that day,” said Hasan. “When everything happened, I was in complete shock I didn’t know how to react. All I kept thinking about was their families.”
“We were all planning a trip to go to Montreal for the upcoming weekend for Albunit’s birthday but now we’re celebrating all their amazing memories they left us with,” said Hasan.
Friends say the two were great role models and will be missed in their community.
May Nguyen was a close friend of Hiseni before she moved to Montreal to attend Concordia University.
“Albunit was always thinking positively and making the best out of every situation. He was very hard working. Not only was he providing for his family but he always made time for his friends,” said Nguyen. “It will be impossible not to miss him; he was sunshine on a cloudy day.”
Flamur Miffari having some beach fun at Lake Ontario’s beach. SUBMITTED PHOTOSThe day of the accident both students had a one-hour gym class, which they attended because education meant everything to the both of them.
Kushawn Trench, who was close friends with both said, “If you ever needed anything Flamur would be there in a heartbeat. There’s nothing that he wouldn’t do for anyone. They were both very kindhearted.”
Miftari and Hiseni were not only focused on school but were very generous friends.
Jim Norgate, a professor at Niagara College who had Miftari and Hiseni in his classes, said, “They were both very excellent students and, having done this job for a while, they were perfect to become police officers. Both always showed up to class smiling and excited to learn. They had goals they wanted to reach and were well on their way to accomplish them.”

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