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New SAC members promise change

Left to right: Nick Appelmen, director of campaigns; AliceMary Nakiwala, vice-president; Jasmine Olah, director of communications and Casey Forgeron, director of student relations. Photo by Jamie BurtonBy JAMIE BURTON
Staff Writer
Newly elected Student Administrative Council (SAC) members aim to be more involved with helping students in the 2014/2015 school year.
It comes as no surprise to SAC members that many students don’t know the role SAC plays in their school lives. New Vice-
president AliceMary
Nakiwala says the main focus of the new SAC is to change this ignorance.
“Every student has a voice,” says Nakiwala, a 22-year-old Graphic Design student. “SAC wants to make sure that everyone knows that. We’re just the representatives to help spread the message.”
SAC is spearheading this awareness effort by making itself more known to the students. Director of Social Programming Charles
Burley says he was disappointed in the level of advertising for SAC events this year.
SAC has put together a three-point plan for awareness which will begins with face-to-face advertising and digital advertising on Blackboard.
We need to have more than a quick TV ad and one poster,” Burley says.
“I want an active advertising campaign letting the students know about the many events SAC plans to hold over the next year,” adds the Police Foundations student.
The second phase of getting SAC more involved in students’ lives is to host more events during the day, when students are on campus. With many students commuting from out of town, Burley says SAC needs to cater to the students when they are here during the day.
The final phase SAC wants to accomplish is to assist students in connecting with potential employers to help set them on their way when they leave college. SAC Campaign Director Nick Appelman wants to make sure SAC is able to help in ways that will make students’ lives easier.
“If SAC can help in any way, we want to make sure that we are there to do so,” says Appelman. “In order to do that, students need to know that SAC is available.”

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