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Canadian baseball enrolement declining

Scott Bullett battles local leagues in his attempt to bring baseball back to Canada. PHOTO BY COLIN BLAKELYBy COLIN BLAKELY
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“It’s too much politics. It is dying in Canada,” says Scott Bullett, who runs Bullett Proof Baseball at the Niagara Exhibition Centre. “The leagues prefer to go over the border, and there is kids here who want to play baseball but can’t do it where they’d like to.”
Bullett played basketball when he was young, but played baseball too. Scouts from all around came to a school game to watch his school’s pitcher throw a 97 mile per hour fastball, and instead saw Bullett hit a cycle. That’s how Bullett’s career began as an outfielder — business cards after a school baseball game. He went on to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs from 1991 to 1996.
Now, Bullett faces difficulties with the sport’s decline in Canada, as enrolment in Bullett Proof Baseball shrinks.
Seven seniors who trained this year with Bullett moved on to get post-secondary...


Niagara varsity volleyball team starting off strong

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With a quick 3-0 jump-start to the season, the Niagara College men’s varsity volleyball team continues to exhibit outstanding performances to begin this year’s season.
Last season, the Knights had an overall record of 19-7, along with winning the Ontario College Athletic Association title and the Canadian College Athletic Association bronze medal. With the team’s strong commitment of off-season strength and conditioning in the weight room, the Knights are looking at a team with stronger and more durable players, also adding more depth going forward.
“We have 11 first-year student athletes and five returning,” says Head Coach Nathan Groenveld. “Even the returning guys are completely different in terms of experience and physical growth from our off-season strength and conditioning.
“We have even more depth than last year, which is saying something as that was a huge area of strength and one of the main factors in our success...


Niagara College students on Blue Jays in the playoffs

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Students at Niagara College comment on the Blue Jays' efforts in the playoffs.


NHL players seek to raise awareness and money for cancer research

My grandfather Kevin was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. We are shown supporting the Hockey Fights Cancer campaign. PHOTO BY GAGE LEBLANCBy EMMA MASON
It’s Saturday night and you’ve just sat down to watch Hockey Night in Canada. You’re in your grandparents’ basement watching with your grandfather, just waiting for that iconic hockey theme song to start signalling the beginning of the game.
Whether you are a Leafs fan, like my grandfather, a Bruins fan like mom, or a Penguins fan like me, much to the disappointment of my grandfather, our nights were all the same.
Saturday night, or any night when a game aired, was spent around the television in the basement which we only left between periods or after Don Cherry was done with Coach’s Corner.
When I was younger, and like most young children, I didn’t quite grasp the concept of what cancer was and that there was no cure.
Naturally I was confused when once a year all the teams in the National Hockey League (NHL) would don purple jerseys...


Niagara-on-the-Lake Sharks race to finish

Crews return from racing as the final leg of the ragatta comes to an end. PHOTO BY JEREMIAH LINKBy JEREMIAH LINK
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Sharks have been spotted racing on the south shores of Lake Ontario, the 24-foot Shark sailboats that is.
Niagara-on-the-Lake Sailing Club (NOLSC) hosted the Homecomers Regatta Sept. 26 weekend, in the birthplace of the famous sailboat.
The year’s final Canadian Shark Class Association (CSCA) Counter Regatta is a two-day event consisting of 23 skilled sailing teams, spanning seven exciting races exclusive to the Shark. The team sailing on the boat Tiger Niles, consisting of Peter Aker, Jeff Mitchell and David O’Sullivan, triumphed finishing first overall in the regatta. Bedlam managed to snag second place followed closely by Devil With a Blue Dress in third.
“The races this weekend were good for us,” says Aker. “We ended up having a good strong day yesterday (Saturday) with some very challenging windy conditions. We had two firsts and two thirds going in for the day. Fortunately for us, in spite of having...


Niagara College remembering a coach and a friend

Luciano Berardocco, the late assistant coach of the Niagara Knights men’s soccer team. SUBMITTED PHOTOBy SAM JANJAC
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Luciano Berardocco was an encouraging soccer coach and a friend to everyone he crossed paths with, inspiring many.
Monday night Berardocco, 41, collapsed on the men’s soccer practice field while coaching the Knights and later died in hospital.
Niagara College’s women’s soccer players were told later Monday night of the loss of coach “Luch”, the teams’ favoured nickname for the late coach
“He wasn’t just a coach, he was a very close friend to every person on our team,” says Mike Dagg, one of his players, when asked about his assistant coach. Dagg says his coach not only encouraged the team to be better players, but also to be better men.
College President Dan Patterson issued a statement early Tuesday.
“Our college community is mourning the loss of a colleague, a coach and a friend. Luciano’s contributions to life at Niagara College were many: he was a valued member of our...


Niagara College Knights hoping for a good year

Head Coach Mike Beccaria coaches his Knights.  PHOTO BY RYAN McCULLOUGHBy DAVON JAMES
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Dedication and tenacity turn a good team into a great team.
Heading into the fall season, the Niagara Knights’ women’s varsity team is more than excited to begin a new chapter of the upcoming basketball season. Finishing last year’s season with 11 wins and seven losses, the Knights seek a better season beginning Oct 24.
This year, the Knights are hosts for the 2015-16 provincials having high hopes of contending for a medal come playoff time.
Recruitment was a big boost this year for the Knights, adding six new guards and two new forwards to the roster.
“For the first time in my tenure we have depth and talent at every position,’’ explains Head Coach Mike Beccaria.
“Having significantly improved from last year’s roster, it will take time and hard work to seize team chemistry and incorporate everyone into the mix of things.”
Beccaria outlines key attributes that are going to be...