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Niagara student honours father with memorial tattoo

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A first tattoo is usually a significant moment that person’s life. For some, they decide on impulse to break the routine of things, and for others it can be a long, drawn-out process that can involve a lot of detail and planning. Regardless of the circumstances, the decision always involves a lot of feelings, and none more than when getting a memorial tattoo.

Cameron Shaugnessy bows his head remembering his late father, Dr. Kelly Shaugnessy. Photo by Sam Vandenberg.
Cameron Shaugnessy bows his head remembering his late father, Dr. Kelly Shaugnessy. Photo by Sam Vandenberg.
Cameron Shaugnessy, 18, of Woodstock Ont. has just recieved his first tattoo, something his dad might have gone crazy over for even considering it. Cam’s two sisters and brother are now also considering getting one too.

The reason for all the ink? Cameron’s father, Dr. Kelly Shaugnessy, 50, passed away on Oct. 31, 2010 in a fatal car accident.

Leaving behind his wife, Shelly, 50, his two daughters, Jayme, 25, and Krystelle,29, and his two sons, Mitchell, 23, and Cam, Kelly also was and accomplished doctor in Ingersoll.

His practice had over 2,500 patients in a location just above an Independent grocery store.

Originally Shaugnessy says he was already going to get a tattoo and he was hoping for either a turtle or a quote that said “Mind over Matter.” But he says half a month after his father’s passing, he decided on getting the tattoo he now has.

The tattoo consists of lyrics/poem from a favourite music artist named Lupe Fiasco and a song called Fighter, though he decided to change the words slightly to better suit his feelings.

The tattoo has the lines “I really miss my pops, hope that God watches over him and that he’s on top. That there’s no more pain and no more worries, that he’s alright and that he’s one of the generals in the army of the light.” It also has what Cam calls a “Buddha Angel” below it that has a red wristband and golden halo.

Shaugnessy and his family wear red rubber “we remember” bands that their uncle brought to them after the passing.

“The reason [ for calling it a buddha angel] is because I wanted to see like my dad as an angel, and the best description of that would be a fat angel, and the best description of this fat angel was pretty much a buddha angel, because my dad was chubby and fat and looked like a buddha.”

Shaugnessy’s good friend and roommate Lynden Lockhart, 18, of Woodstock also has a memorial tattoo for his best friend of four years, Andy Poel, 18, who also passed away in a car accident on Sept, 13, 2009. By getting a cross on his ribs because of his Catholic faith and then adding Andy’s initials, Lockhart says he now always has his best friend with him.

“We literally had ever single class together and played on the volley team together... he slept at my house like three times a week.”

Both Shaugnessy and Lockhart got their tattoos at G C tattoos by a recommended tattoo artist named Glen Cole, who had done work on other friends.

Going with his mom and girlfriend, Justine Brett, 19, Shaugnessy said although the tattoo had some really painful moments, he used his dad a lot to get through it.

By placing the tattoo over his heart he now feels he will always have, his dad with him. Even though his other family members have only seen a picture of it, they all really appreciate the gesture.

They siblings are now all considering getting one together for remembrance, but Mitchell has never been a fan of tattoos. After seeing this one, Shaugnessy says he now has his brother considering it.

Shaugnessy says he father never liked tattoos and, when his sister Jayme got one, his father used to joke that he would one night use his skills and surgically remove it.

Shaugnessy laughs as he remembers his family questioning, “What would dad think?”

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