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Swipe carefully this season

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You may be feeling a different sort of Christmas hangover. The “holiday shopping hangover”, as it’s called, is becoming a trend for many Canadians. There are ways you can beat the debt.

A holiday survey by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), suggests Canadians are planning to spend less this year. But Ipsos Reid finds 56 per cent of their purchases during the holiday season will be made on a credit card. Twenty-five per cent plan to fund their festivities with their savings.

Julie Hauser, media relations officer of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, says credit cards are becoming popular because they are useful and convenient. In some cases they are becoming popular because of the rewards and benefits some cards have.

A survey by CIBC finds 70 per cent of Canadians will be using either credit or debit cards for holiday purchases. In 2011, 67 per cent of Canadians planned on using credit or debit cards.

“[Credit cards] are a convenient way to pay for goods and services and can be used in a store, over the phone or online,”  says Hauser, adding that is one of the main reasons credit cards are dominating cash.

“Credit cards can encourage ‘buy now, pay later’ spending habits that may lead to financial trouble.” Hauser says using cash can make it easier to stick to your budget.

CIBC says Canadians prefer to use their credit cards to collect reward points and because it’s more convenient.

Kathleen Batstone, education co-ordinator of Credit Counselling of Regional Niagara, says using credit can lead to debt accumulation if you're not careful.

“Using credit may be more convenient, but sometimes the fact it's so easy to use, also makes it easy to abuse.”

According to previous holiday surveys by RBC, Canadians overspent by $467 in 2011 and $429 in 2010. Between 2010-11, the usage of credit cards increased by 16 per cent. With credit cards becoming increasingly popular, the average amount of overspending is increasing as well.

Bankruptcy trustees warn that if you buy on credit and can’t pay off the purchases within three months, you’ve overspent, yet many Canadians don’t pay off their Christmas debts until June of the following year.

Batstone says understanding what kind of spender you are will avoid getting into trouble with debt or overspending. If you have spent more than you can afford, you’re probably better off using cash. If you are able to pay off your credit card every month, then buying everything on credit may work for you.

Batstone advises that starting out with a budget is key. She suggests you think about what to purchase for each person on your list, then research where to get the best price, this will help you to “avoid budget-busting impulse buys.”

She also suggests shopping early because it's a good way to save money, since you will have more time to look for sales.

If you want to avoid post-holiday debt altogether, Batstone suggests you focus on a purely traditional Christmas of spending time with loved ones.

“Often we get swept up in spending, spending, spending, when most people's favourite part of the season is getting together with friends and family.”

“It's a good idea to take a step back and think about what the holidays mean to you,” she says.

“Spending an evening at home, eating popcorn and playing board games, or an afternoon picking out and cutting your own Christmas tree are just a couple of ways to make the holidays memorable, without putting yourself in debt.”

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